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We defend people charged with felonies and misdemeanor crimes in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, Florence, Scottsdale and any other court in the Phoenix Metro area.

A Mistake Does Not Make You a Criminal

Criminal Defense Lawyer Brian Garner knows that everyone has bad days and that those days shouldn't dictate the rest of your life. A criminal charge is your ticket to the very foreign world of criminal justice. Attorneys, Judges, Prosecutors, Bailiffs, Advocates, flat fees, waivers, motions, and agreements can cause a storm of uncertainty and hundreds of paths to follow. We are here to join you in this world. We will find the best outcome possible, but equally important we will reduce the stress and unseen penalties caused by your criminal case.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Brian Garner

Stress can be a constant companion while your case is ongoing. We have found the best way to reduce stress would be to create a strategic plan with you and communicate with you every step of the way. Additionally, we will work to control the speed of your case whether you need the case done ASAP or if you are looking to drag it out as much as possible. A case with a plan and control of time will chase stress back to the shadows where it belongs. Attorney Brian Garner is an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer with years of experience specializing in all criminal law matters including personal crimes, property crimes,  DUI and transportation crimes, weapons and explosives, and more. Whatever your situation, Brian Garner can help put your mind at ease and get you on track to a positive outcome.


Felony & Misdemeanor Crimes

Personal Crimes

Personal crimes or crimes against the person include domestic violence, endangerment, threatening or intimidation, assault, unlawful imprisonment, and dog at large.

Property Crimes

Property crimes include theft, shoplifting, criminal trespass, criminal damage, larceny, and more.

DUI and Transportation Crimes

These include DUI, Extreme DUI, Boating DUI, excessive speeds, racing on Highways aggressive driving.

Weapons and Explosives

Weapons charges are very serious and include misconduct involving weapons, misconduct involving explosives, and more.

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